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Full Moon Like A Mug


Unveil the nocturnal charm with the "Full Moon Like A Mug" T-shirt, a signature piece from the "Rick The Ruler Apparel" collection that captures the mystique of the lunar cycle. This shirt is more than an article of clothing; it's a tribute to Rick's cherished tradition of greeting each full moon with a unique phrase that became a staple on his social media.


Emblazoned on the front is a detailed print of the full moon, casting its luminous glow, encapsulating the celestial wonder that has fascinated humans for millennia. The back of the shirt carries the phrase "FULL MOON LIKE A MUG" in bold, atmospheric type, framed by the declaration "-RICK THE RULER-" at the bottom, ensuring that Rick's legacy shines as brightly as the moon he admired.


This T-shirt is designed for the dreamers, the night-sky watchers, and the followers of Rick who looked forward to his lunar updates as a beacon of consistency in an ever-changing world. It's for those who feel the pull of the moon, who find solace in its full bloom, and who revel in the beauty of a night illuminated by its silver light.


Every full moon, Rick would post this phrase, and now, every time you wear this shirt, you're not just carrying on a tradition, but you're also embodying the rhythm of the cosmos that we are all a part of. It's an invitation to connect with others who share this celestial passion, to spark conversations, and to keep the spirit of Rick alive with every lunar cycle.


The "Full Moon Like A Mug" T-shirt is more than just apparel—it's a wearable piece of the night sky, a regular reminder of the cycles that guide us, and a celebration of the phrase that Rick made synonymous with the full moon's rise. Wear it under the night sky, or gift it to a fellow lunar enthusiast, and keep the tradition going, one full moon at a time.

Full Moon Like A Mug

  • We are sorry, but we cannot accept returns on custom orders. Please contact us if you have problems with your order.

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