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"I Am Not A Hooper" Shirt by Rods Active Wear


Step off the court and into style with Rodney's "I Am Not A Hooper" shirt. This design caters to those who carry the spirit of the game with a light-hearted twist. It's the ultimate expression for enthusiasts who admire the game but aren't confined by its boundaries.


Available Colors: Sleek Black, Crisp White

Design Features:

  • Front: A bold declaration, "I AM NOT A HOOPER," in an expressive, hand-scrawled font that demands attention.
  • Back: Iconic basketball character, complete with a sleepy visage, artfully combines a love for the sport with a whimsical flair, emblematic of the wearer's easy-going vibe.

Sizes: A full range of sizes is available. Consult our sizing chart to ensure you select the ideal fit for your style and comfort.

Care Instructions: To maintain the integrity of the print and the garment:

  • Wash cold to preserve the high-quality DTF print.
  • Hang dry to sustain the shape and fabric quality.
  • Avoid ironing directly on the design to protect its detailed artistry.

Special Note: Rodney takes a hands-on approach to order fulfillment, overseeing distribution and pickup. Should you choose not to utilize mail shipping, Rodney will personally arrange pickup details with you.

Proudly manufactured by 'B' Natural NXT Gen, where each print is a mark of our commitment to excellence.

Whether it's a statement for leisure or a casual ensemble, the "I Am Not A Hooper" shirt stands out in any crowd. Add this exclusive design to your wardrobe and let your apparel echo your unique personality.

"I Am Not A Hooper" Shirt by Rodney Active Wear

PriceFrom $20.00
Expected to ship March 1st
  • We are sorry, but we cannot accept returns on custom orders. Please contact us if you have problems with your order.

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